Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 1



Our Adventurers found themselves en route to MALASTARE.  An entrepreneurial Twi'lek named CESWARI had hired Faustus (kevlar) for a job while the others were on board for one way transport so long as they assisted in completing the delivery with no questions asked. They landed in a dryer region of the planet in the city of GULB. Before they left the ship, the pilot RAUS had turned a holonet newscast on, announcing that a YEMMUD JIASOYK had , "…gained control of a small region of the planet legally through what I believe to be underhanded deals and political moves such as bribery and extortion."

After landing and loading the crates onto a speeder truck, the party noticed parts of the city they were in had seen better days. The citizens were clearly experiencing a sort of strife. Continuing towards their destination, Vidarr (sodranis) keenly spotted a shifty dug. Matching the Dug's darting eyes, he noticed a buried explosive in their path and calmly warned everyone. Unfortunately, Faustus was not able to avoid the explosive and the speeder truck took the full blow of the blast, disabling the vehicle. The party exited and swiftly defended themselves from an ambushing force of Gran and Dug. In the aftermath, the Durosian Thaltos (Costa) got to work on the truck and managed to rig it together to get moved.

Arriving at the destination, they noticed the guards were wearing an armband bearing a symbol similar to one they had seen earlier. They discovered the symbol belong to "THE THREE" or more formally known as "THE SYNDICATE OF THE THREE."

Pulling around to the docking bay, they completed their delivery to KOSID BIESK, a Gran who clearly held some authority and was angry that some of the crates were damaged. The force sensitive users felt a strong urge pulling them towards the warehouse. Taking advantage of the situation while under heavy supervision, the group discovered an elderly Dug in a transport cage. He appeared to be meditating before briefly locking eyes with Alyx (perpetualmanchild). Just before Vidarr acted, Alyx calmly persuaded him that now was not the time to act.

Having completed the delivery and to cheer everyone up, Alyx had suggested finding a cantina to relax in and recharge. The group headed to the nearest cantina, a local gathering place in the Dug part of town that had clearly seen better days. Drinks and space nachos were had but not without incident. A group of dug noticed the off-worlders and gave them a data stick containing a name and location. The adventurers took the chance and delayed their departure from the planet to meet the contact.

At the destination, they found a repair shop with droid and vehicle parts scattered about and a proud Dug by the name of TRELNAYO. Behind closed doors, he told the group about YEMMUD's syndicate and their true intentions of disrupting the long-time peace between the Dugs and Gran. That he and RESWU had begun leading an insurgent group against them in an attempt to fight back. However, their forces had been struggling after RESWU was captured. The group informed him of an elderly Dug being kept at the warehouse and TRELNAYO was overjoyed to hear that he was still alive. After providing some further details and to restoretheir speeder truck to working order, the plan was set to infiltrate the warehouse.

As night fell, the group scouted the location, exposing an emergency access door in the rear of the building. Thaltos' sabotuer skills expertly disabled the door alarm and unlocked the door. The group quietly made their way through the facility only to discovered that the Dug was no longe there. Takeshi (Takeshi) reached out into the force and honed in on RESWU'slocation, who had been moved to a more secure part of the facility. With the force as their side, Takeshi led the group through the maze of crates and fuel barrels. Once found, Thaltos got to work and eventually freed the Dug. RESWU, exhausted, stated he needed to see TRELNAYO right away. The adventurers left as quietly as they had entered.

Once back at the shop, RESWU produced a data stick for TRELNAYO, exclaiming that it contained all the information they would need to take down THE THREE. TRELNAYO informed the group that they had helped much more than could ever know. Knowing he was before other force sensitives, RESWU informed the group that there were more Jedi in the galaxy than were believed after the results of Order 66. While in captivity, he had reached out and felt a presence on the old planet of DANTOOINE. While he needed to stay and fight for his homeland, he urged the padawans to make their way there. 

With the job done and the truck fixed, the group met back up with RAUS and left for FALLEEN.

Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Costa Thaltos - - 20 -
kevlar Faustus Vedok - - 25 Yes
Mando Roq - - 25 Yes
Takeshi Yamato Takeshi Yamato - 2 25 Yes
PerpetualManchild Alyx Wildstar 2 6 20 -
Sodranis Vidarr Rimaaki 4 -1 20 -



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