Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 10

Unleash the beast!


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

The Rebel cell on Takobo is quietly celebrating their recent successful operation as Takoba City is never the wiser. The prototype stolen by Gumbrai, Fe Man, and BZ-55 is now being researched for use against the Empire. LT. Gewob Nobbs’ suspicions were right in that the corporation who created the illegal prototype , TakTech Co., would not let this become public knowledge for fear of hurting its stockholders.

As Takeshi and Ja’han begin to learn from their new Jedi master, they are interrupted by LYTHARIEL‘s YT-1200 landing quickly. As the loading ramp is lowered, a medical team receives a Zabrak male.  Once he recovers, he introduces himself as Felze. Another new face toTakobo, a Rodian named Bez has been hired to provide some extra skill in handling the task.

In the downtime, LT. Gewob has asked that you take the Zabrak  and show him around. He needs you to see if you can pick up a part at the local market. The part is an Advanced Targeting Array…

Prior to the events…

Drifting in space just outside Hutt Space with the life support system dwindling and the transponder running, Felze's need for food overcomes him and he passes out. He is awoken by the loud noise of metal on metal as he sees his escape pod being picked up by a ship. He briefly believes that the pirates have found him but in his weak state, you accept your fate. A female human pilot introduces herself as Lythariel. Felze gives a laugh before passing out once again.

On Takobo, Master Aloff has been training Takeshi and Ja'han in the ways of the force. Ja'han continues to reach outward with the force, testing his limits and restraining himself from affecting others in negative ways. Takeshi looks inward to balance himself with the surrounding force.

A transport ship is received at a landing pad in the in the Takobo City spaceport. As the loading ramp hits the pad's surface, the passengers begin to flock out. A green Rodian with a slinged pack over his shoulder separates himself from the group. Looking around, he feels the warmth of the star's rays on his skin as he lets out a deep sigh. "Another planet…" he thinks to himself.


Gewob informs the group that he is after an uncommon item, an advanced targeting array. The group head out into Takobo city to find their item. While doing so, Takeshi attempts to find parts to build a lightsaber hilt but is unsuccessful. Bez almost gets in a fight with a merchant. Ja'han tries to talk down the merchant but he fails. Not wanting to attract further attention to themselves, the group carries on. 

With the party failing to find what they are looking for, Felze manages to find Mubon, a Togrutan, he recognizes from his days as a pirate. As they briefly reconnect, he takes him aside and asks him if he knew where he could get an advanced targeting array. Mubon tells him he can get him a meeting with a Hutt but there's a catch: he's still a high ranking member in the Striped Nexu. After a conversation, Mubon had arranged a meeting for later that evening at a dance club owned by the Hutt called THE EDGE.

As the group split up, Takeshi and Ja'han went and consulted with Master Aloff, discussing how to handle what could be an upcoming mess. The Jedi told them to stay true to the force and to the disciplines they have been taught. The young apprentices would choose to later ignore this advice.

Bez and Felze decided to scout around and see what they could find out about the dance club as well as the Hutt. They discovered his name to be Hutt Druggoe, a major player in the Striped Nexu. With the constant turnover of the gang ranks, no one could really pinpoint where he would be. While they were asking around, word got out to the Hutt's men to keep an eye.

As the two neared the back entrance of the club, they attempted to break in to no success. While the two thought of what to do next, the door suddenly opened revealing two muscling Trandoshans. A short fight ensued but both Bez and Felze were captured and bound by net guns.

They were tossed into a room with no light. To their surprise, trandoshans had no stripped them of any of their equipment. They began to hear growling, hissing, and clawing on metal from the other side of the room, they decided to see if their comlinks were still working. Relaying their position to Ja'han and Takeshi, the two realized they now had a tougher task ahead of them.

The pair of apprentices reach the dance club in the early evening. A line outside the door has already formed. Ja'han makes his way to the front where he is greeted firmly by a Twi'Lek. After a back and forth about being on the guest list, the two are let in and told to check their weapons at the door.

In front of them in the dance floor with a DJ up on on a stage. To their right is the bar and the left is a raised VIP area with a stairway leading up to the second floor. The stairway has a protocol droid in front of it. Knowing they need to approach the Hutt, they begin to make their way towards the droid. 

The droid asks for their names but does not recognize it against his internal list. The droid calls its master and seems frantic at what is internal comms system is saying. Informing the two to follow it, the droid leads them to a hallway where they are abruptly flanked by two Trandoshans. 

The brutes force the two characters into the same dark room. Turning on the lights, Bez and Felze are briefly blinded while what reveals itself to be a pair of Nexu clamors its cage at the sudden change of environment. Ja'han, recognizing these henchman are not the brightest, goads one of them to charge at him. He misses his attack and gets clawed by getting too close to the Nexu cage. Bez wastes no time at all and eliminates both of them with a few shots of his blaster.

Takeshi picks up one of the blasters and releases the Nexu while the group hide in a supply room. As they hear screams of the kitchen staff getting slaughtered, one of the chefs finds his escape into the supply room they are hiding in. He is too panicked to say anything of value to them and the group decides they need to get out of there while they have the distraction.

Heading down another stairway, they stealthily try to sneak their way out. As the Nexu begin to rip into the crowd, the young Jedi are conflicted with guilt and leave behind the stage and out of the exit. 


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Nev Bez - - 15 0
Mando Felze - - 15 0
Torthack Ja'han 9 -2 15 5
Takeshi Takeshi 8 +2 15 0


Bez gained +1 to his existing Obligation
Felze gained +2 to his existing Obligation
Ja'han gained +2 to his existing Obligation
Takeshi gained +2 to his existing Obligation

Ja'han gained a mentor discount towards a force power.
Takeshi gained a mentor discount towards a force power.
Bez gained +1000 credits.


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