Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 10
Unleash the beast!


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

The Rebel cell on Takobo is quietly celebrating their recent successful operation as Takoba City is never the wiser. The prototype stolen by Gumbrai, Fe Man, and BZ-55 is now being researched for use against the Empire. LT. Gewob Nobbs’ suspicions were right in that the corporation who created the illegal prototype , TakTech Co., would not let this become public knowledge for fear of hurting its stockholders.

As Takeshi and Ja’han begin to learn from their new Jedi master, they are interrupted by LYTHARIEL‘s YT-1200 landing quickly. As the loading ramp is lowered, a medical team receives a Zabrak male.  Once he recovers, he introduces himself as Felze. Another new face toTakobo, a Rodian named Bez has been hired to provide some extra skill in handling the task.

In the downtime, LT. Gewob has asked that you take the Zabrak  and show him around. He needs you to see if you can pick up a part at the local market. The part is an Advanced Targeting Array…

Prior to the events…

Drifting in space just outside Hutt Space with the life support system dwindling and the transponder running, Felze's need for food overcomes him and he passes out. He is awoken by the loud noise of metal on metal as he sees his escape pod being picked up by a ship. He briefly believes that the pirates have found him but in his weak state, you accept your fate. A female human pilot introduces herself as Lythariel. Felze gives a laugh before passing out once again.

On Takobo, Master Aloff has been training Takeshi and Ja'han in the ways of the force. Ja'han continues to reach outward with the force, testing his limits and restraining himself from affecting others in negative ways. Takeshi looks inward to balance himself with the surrounding force.

A transport ship is received at a landing pad in the in the Takobo City spaceport. As the loading ramp hits the pad's surface, the passengers begin to flock out. A green Rodian with a slinged pack over his shoulder separates himself from the group. Looking around, he feels the warmth of the star's rays on his skin as he lets out a deep sigh. "Another planet…" he thinks to himself.


Gewob informs the group that he is after an uncommon item, an advanced targeting array. The group head out into Takobo city to find their item. While doing so, Takeshi attempts to find parts to build a lightsaber hilt but is unsuccessful. Bez almost gets in a fight with a merchant. Ja'han tries to talk down the merchant but he fails. Not wanting to attract further attention to themselves, the group carries on. 

With the party failing to find what they are looking for, Felze manages to find Mubon, a Togrutan, he recognizes from his days as a pirate. As they briefly reconnect, he takes him aside and asks him if he knew where he could get an advanced targeting array. Mubon tells him he can get him a meeting with a Hutt but there's a catch: he's still a high ranking member in the Striped Nexu. After a conversation, Mubon had arranged a meeting for later that evening at a dance club owned by the Hutt called THE EDGE.

As the group split up, Takeshi and Ja'han went and consulted with Master Aloff, discussing how to handle what could be an upcoming mess. The Jedi told them to stay true to the force and to the disciplines they have been taught. The young apprentices would choose to later ignore this advice.

Bez and Felze decided to scout around and see what they could find out about the dance club as well as the Hutt. They discovered his name to be Hutt Druggoe, a major player in the Striped Nexu. With the constant turnover of the gang ranks, no one could really pinpoint where he would be. While they were asking around, word got out to the Hutt's men to keep an eye.

As the two neared the back entrance of the club, they attempted to break in to no success. While the two thought of what to do next, the door suddenly opened revealing two muscling Trandoshans. A short fight ensued but both Bez and Felze were captured and bound by net guns.

They were tossed into a room with no light. To their surprise, trandoshans had no stripped them of any of their equipment. They began to hear growling, hissing, and clawing on metal from the other side of the room, they decided to see if their comlinks were still working. Relaying their position to Ja'han and Takeshi, the two realized they now had a tougher task ahead of them.

The pair of apprentices reach the dance club in the early evening. A line outside the door has already formed. Ja'han makes his way to the front where he is greeted firmly by a Twi'Lek. After a back and forth about being on the guest list, the two are let in and told to check their weapons at the door.

In front of them in the dance floor with a DJ up on on a stage. To their right is the bar and the left is a raised VIP area with a stairway leading up to the second floor. The stairway has a protocol droid in front of it. Knowing they need to approach the Hutt, they begin to make their way towards the droid. 

The droid asks for their names but does not recognize it against his internal list. The droid calls its master and seems frantic at what is internal comms system is saying. Informing the two to follow it, the droid leads them to a hallway where they are abruptly flanked by two Trandoshans. 

The brutes force the two characters into the same dark room. Turning on the lights, Bez and Felze are briefly blinded while what reveals itself to be a pair of Nexu clamors its cage at the sudden change of environment. Ja'han, recognizing these henchman are not the brightest, goads one of them to charge at him. He misses his attack and gets clawed by getting too close to the Nexu cage. Bez wastes no time at all and eliminates both of them with a few shots of his blaster.

Takeshi picks up one of the blasters and releases the Nexu while the group hide in a supply room. As they hear screams of the kitchen staff getting slaughtered, one of the chefs finds his escape into the supply room they are hiding in. He is too panicked to say anything of value to them and the group decides they need to get out of there while they have the distraction.

Heading down another stairway, they stealthily try to sneak their way out. As the Nexu begin to rip into the crowd, the young Jedi are conflicted with guilt and leave behind the stage and out of the exit. 


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Nev Bez - - 15 0
Mando Felze - - 15 0
Torthack Ja'han 9 -2 15 5
Takeshi Takeshi 8 +2 15 0


Bez gained +1 to his existing Obligation
Felze gained +2 to his existing Obligation
Ja'han gained +2 to his existing Obligation
Takeshi gained +2 to his existing Obligation

Ja'han gained a mentor discount towards a force power.
Takeshi gained a mentor discount towards a force power.
Bez gained +1000 credits.

Session 9 & 9.5
Oceans three?


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

For Lyth’s crew, as they reach a waypoint nearing your return trip to Falleen, it has been reported that you will be unable to return to the planet. The ship receives a transmission from Joran Davies, the Rebel cell leader on Falleen, who reports that their return trip will need to be diverted to the outer rim world of Takobo to meet up with Gumbrai and the growing rebel presence there.

Upon arrival, there is a clear lack of Imperial facilities on Takobo, as if the planet is untainted by the reach of the Empire. Gumbrai meets you at the space port and ushers you to the rebel hideout, an inconspicuous apartment comdplex in the Ithorian side of the city.  

There you meet an Ithorian named Afoll, the leader of the Rebel cell. In his room you notice Jedi artifacts. After a short introduction, he explains he is exhausted and informs you to talk to LT. Gewob Nobbs.

In talking with Gewob, he explains that there is a corporation called TakTech Co. on Takobo who is creating an illegal but extremely effective ship modification. It may be at a prototype stage but he believes his team with your help could reverse engineer it; helping to modify the growing Rebel fleet in what he believes is preparation for a full-scale war.  


Coming soon…



Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Mando Gumbrai - - 15 0
user1453 Fe Man - - 15 5
Alex Kangaroo BZ-55 - - 15 5


Gumbrai gained +5 to his existing duty
BZ-55 removes its Obligation: Dutybound
BZ-55 gains +5 Duty: Combat Victory
Fe Man gained +5 Obligation: Favor – Torin
Fe Man gained +7 to his existing Duty

Session 9.5

3 Player minimum was not met at game time.

Takeshi gained +5 XP to applied to Luna
Mando gained +5 XP to applied to Felze

Session 8
With new truths come new challenges


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

Shakar Zuud is dead. The Imperials used this period of planetary discord to envelope the planet in a blockade and impose their might upon the world. Inside the halls of the royal palace in THRONE, the Falleen bicker at each other over who is to blame for the assassination.

Sia Dellian has proved herself useful once again and has found transport through the blockade.  The group witnesses a holocall with a Falleen named Joran Davies. A Trandoshan and a Mon Cala, who the others recognize as Gumbrai can be seen standing not too far away. Through conversation, they learn he is the Rebel cell leader on FALLEEN. He would be providing a means off the planet with a competent pilot who could run the blockade. He gives them a choice: Join the cause and travel to a location where they can begin helping or to stay and fight from the shadows cast by the COMMANDMENT.

Takeshi, knowing his own goals are no longer harbored on this planet, feels the urge to leave the planet is stronger than ever. While firmly clutching a necklace in his hand, he claims that he will join. 

Versui knows his time spent investigating the Black Suns on Falleen is coming to a close. Having found a lead off-world, he begrudgingly joins to obtain access to getting past the blockade. For Ja'han, it appears to be yet another planet he will have to leave behind on his journey as he accepts.

The three of them meet up with Gumbrai at a remote launch pad and board the YT-1300 that is covered by some leaves and trees. Once aboard, they notice a familiar face as RAX, the human pilot who had brought one of them to Malastare only a few weeks ago, recognized Takeshi. After discovering that RAX had recently decided to join up with the Rebels, the group set upon getting the ship ready to run the blockade.

As they lifted off, RAX confidently flew them up higher into the atmosphere. A communication signaled to the ship telling them to land immediately or be destroyed. RAX flicked the switch off and plugged in the coordinates in the navicomputer. When the hyperspace thruster was pushed forward, the ship creaked and nothing happened. To make matters worse, four TIE fighters came within range. The crew managed to find and fix the issue with the hyperdrive all while blasting a couple of the TIE fighters out of the sky!

The stars came to a halt as the rocky planet of Takoba stood before them. Dotted across the planet's flat surface are massive walled cities centered around life-giving lakes that surge from underneath the planet's surface. RAX took them towards the largest one that is aptly named Takoba City.

Once on the ground, they embarked into the city. Following RAX, they made their way to a more rough looking section of town. Even with as rough as it looked, the lack of Imperial presence in any form was a welcome sight. The group came upon a regular looking multi-story apartment building. Inside they would find that this was not only an apartment building but also used as the headquarters for the Rebel Cell in the sector.

As they entered, an Iktotchi seemed to recognize RAX but looked sharply upon the others. He hesitantly allowed them in and guided them up the stairs. They passed many apartment doors on their way. Some were open, revealing rooms containing weapons, a medical bay, and even one with a makeshift barracks style sleeping quarters.

They entered into a suite that seemed larger than the others. As the door behind them closed, the room gave way to a feeling of tranquility. Looking around, they saw a simple sleeping quarters, a large statue near a desk table, and an area with many pillows near the window.

Sitting on the pillows was an Ithorian with his eyes closed. He welcomed them in and introduced himself as Master Aloff. Citing that Joran spoke well of them and that Sia had exclaimed that two of them to be force users, he felt it necessary to call out that he could feel the presence of a third. At the Jedi's request, the group sat with him and conversed at length about the force, taking full advantage of the opportunity to talk to a Jedi Master.

As a means of testing their connection to the Force, he attempted to manifest a force vision in each of them. Takeshi's attempt was first but he was unable to see anything. Next, Ja'han's mind focused and he was able to see his family, a feeling of future vengeance, moments of looking for his father when he was a child, pictures of his mother's face, and his mother talking but not being able to hear what she is saying. Master Aloff recognized his mother and explained he had trained under another master who worked with her.

Versui was resistant at first but began to himself and his family leaving their home planet. He relives his father's death in his vision, and watches helplessly as his sister is taken away. As he is filled with anger, he stands up and goes to the other side of the room, near the statue. Master Aloff's attempts at convincing him to sit back down are ignored as Versui's mind is conflicted.

He hears something call out to him. "Grab me, free me" it says. "Take what you want and all you desire will be yours." Standing there, he notices the statue is holding something; a lightsaber. As much as he wants to grab it, he controls himself.

The quiet peace in the room is abruptly interrupted by the shattering of the window above Master Aloff. A Pau'an stood before them and exclaimed he would finally kill that which burned his soul. The group hesitantly prepared themselves as they saw the gray-skinned figure draw a red lightsaber. 

A fight ensued that would see Gumbrai suffer how strong the Dark side of the force can be while still maintaining his sanity. After teaming up with the Jedi Master to weaken the dark apprentice and momentarily bind him, Ja'han began to attempt to convince him of his wrongdoing and that there is still room for redemption. The creature smirked at him, grabbed it's lightsaber, and escaped out the window.

While they did survive, the group was left with many questions for their newfound Master.


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Takeshi Takeshi 5 -3 20 5
Torthack Ja'han 4 1 20 5
Mando Gumbrai - - 20 0
Versui Ront Versui 7 2 20 5


All players gained +3 Duty (Rebels Falleen)

Takeshi gained +3 to his existing obligation
Takeshi removed critical hit: Slightly Dazed
Ja'han gained +3 to his existing obligation
Gumbrai gained +3 to his existing Duty
Versui gained +7 to his existing obligation


Session 7
Get me out of here!


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

Shakar Zuud is dead. The Imperials used this period of planetary discord to envelope the planet in a blockade and impose their might upon the world. Inside the halls of the royal palace in THRONE, the Falleen bicker at each other over who is to blame for the assassination.

In a hidden location just outside the city, the adventurers have watched as Sia Dellian has made holocall after holocall with no success. Rajoln’s contact at Incom has pulled through though and provided you with transport at the request that you assist the operative Lythariel in extracting another Incom collaborator.

The adventurers meet on Lythariel's ship, a beat up YT-1200. She is glad to have Rajoln back on board and shares a quick story of some work they did together. She further introduces Faustus as her added muscle for this mission.

She shares with them that they will have to break the blockade to get off Falleen but reassures them by saying she's done it plenty of times. As the ship takes off, Fe Man's keen mechanic senses tingle as he hears the creaking of what could be a serious issue. While Lyth is not worried at all about the ship she trusts, Fe Man gets to work. Rajoln eventually joins him in the engineering bay. Seeing the Drall balance on JR-V5 while trying to secure a bolt was quite the sight. Unfortunately, JR-V5 could not hold his concentration and let his master hit the floor. The repairs to the ship would have to do.

As they broke atmosphere and the hum of the hyperdrive began to get louder, the stars stretched and the the ship shot off towards their destination of Iktotchi. There they would look to recover another Incom operative who requested an extraction. 

After some time, the group lasted outside the major city of Kem. Lyth pointed out two heavy speeder and two light speeders the group would be using to navigate the winding canyons of the rocky world. While not overly hot, the rocks and rough terrain made speeder transport almost necessary.

As the group made their way through the winding canyons, BZ-55's scanners picked up some swoop gangers that were now directly on their six. Firing into the group with blaster pistols, they surprised the group. A dangerous and fact-paced combat ensued as the adventurers blasted away at the gangers behind then. Rajoln and Fe Man switched spots mid-flight, freeing the Chiss to utilize his blaster rifle. Faustus improvised by tying his rifle to his utility belt and shooting backwards causing one of the gangers to slam into the canyon wall. BZ-55 dipped, ducked, and dodged the possible friendly fire as well as the fire from the gangers.

As the last ganger went to flee, Rajoln took a concentrated shot. To the non-trained shooter, he clearly missed. However, his marksmanship skills did not fail him as he nailed a rocky outcrop nettled above the fleeing swoop ganger, causing him to be crushed under the heavy weight.

The group made their way to the Drunken Nerf, a cantina in Kem. Lyth said they would meet their operative here and to relax for a bit. Fe Man ordered a Correlian ale while Faustus sampled the local whiskey. Not being one for drinking, Rajoln kept watch outside.

Right on time, the operative showed up but not a second before a group of off-duty imperial officers entered for a drink. He hid his face as he recognized one of the men. As they gathered  by the bar, the group noticed they were distracted by their drinks and made their escape. Meanwhile outside, Rajoln calmly and coolly handled an Imperial patrol with his identification. 

The adventurers made it back to their ship and Lyth relayed their success in.


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
MrMango Rajoln - - 15 5
user1453 Fe Man - - 15 5
Alex Kangaroo BZ-55 - - 15 5
Kevlar Faustus - - 15 5


Faustus gained +1 to his existing obligation
Rajoln gained -1 to his existing obligation
Fe Man gained +3 to his existing Duty
All players gained +500 credits

Session 6: Rajoln's Report

+ Transmission from Falleen +

+ Agent confirmed – Codename 'Rajoln' +

+ Transmission Type: Report – Attached Files detected +

The mission has been a complete success, all research and production data has been extracted and attached to this transmission. Furthermore, six examples of the product ('Bactavis') have been recovered by me for which I am awaiting instructions.


Please read below for a detailed breakdown of the mission.


Shortly after arriving on Falleen I met up, as instructed, with the Agent 'V' send by the Infochant. The Deveronian informed me of an insider contact with the facility, a technician working there. Meeting with the technician, we were able to establish a location of said facility, size, garrison size but no specific information in relation to the product yet. Heading off to survey the objective, we ran into a small bit of trouble with local thugs, who were swiftly dispatched. The human they were harassing revealed the potential for a potent pharmaceutical product being made there, named 'Bactavis'. Being on a mission of some kind by her own, the local agent and I decided it would only be logical to pool our resources.


Arriving at the objective we surveyed and scouted the objective itself. A lightly guarded and relatively small imperial facility. Equipped with a landing pad, a single checkpoint, chain-link fence and a small garrison, the heaviest weapons being a small vehicle bay of military speeders and AT-ST's.

Infiltration of the facility was successful, as we established a cover-identity of working in said facility. Furthermore we established the identity of the CO as well as her direct supervisor.


Via obtaining an access card to the medical wing we gained access, taking inventory of the available data (both research, production and facility related) and downloaded it. Furthermore we managed to erase all traces of our activity on the cameras.

On our way out, the Technician revealed himself as an agent of 'the Rebellion', successfully swaying another worker into participation of his political squabbles.

We exfiltrated from the facility, no alarms raised.

Below I shall outline the data and information included in this transmission as well as the additional personnel that might be of interest to you.


Size, Location, Garrison of the Facility

Identity of the CO (Officer Breen, human female) and her Supervisor (Captain Kujan, human male)

All research and production data found in the facility regarding to Bactavis

A Mon-Calamari Technician named 'Gumbrai', a female human named 'Lora Ravenfire' and a Falleen Imperial Worker named…Bob.

6 sample vials of the product ready for pickup.


I expect payment within the usual timeframe.


+ End of Transmission +

Session 6
Imperial Pharmacy


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

A few days before the events of the last session, the Imperial Star Destroyer, COMMANDMENT, has moved from low orbit and now casts an intimidating shadow over much of the capital city of THRONE. As you glance up at the hulking ship, they notice a shuttle accompanied by a TIE fighter escort fly off to the horizon.

There is to be a major political announcement in the next coming days from Shakar Zuud, council leader of Falleen.

Months ago, an ex-imperial factory worker had found refuge in the Lora’s remote village on Auratera. The female Kel’Dorian had told them of her escape from the Mid-rim world of Falleen and her hopes for a peaceful life free of the Empire. In the recent month, an unknown disease has begun to slowly spread amongst your village. In searching for a cure, the Kel’Dorian female mentioned that she had a stint in an imperial facility working on a medicine called Bactavis. From what she knew, it was meant to be a very powerful anti-viral that was safe for all species. The villagers pooled what credits they had for Lora's transport in the hope that the medicine exists. Having only arrived on Falleen a little over 24 hours ago, she continues her search for information.

Versui, having spent some time with amongst the Black Suns and specifically Zonn's crew, finally found some time to get away. In his moment without the gangers around him, he caught up with Sia Dellian regarding his personal inquiries. While she had nothing new to report, she did have a task he was more than willing to take. 

In another part of the city, a transport shuttle landed and out of it walked the imposing figure of Rajoln. Clad in his armor and with an assignment, he had made plans to meet his contact at the local cantina. Both contacts had been informed they were trustworthy, though in this business, Rajoln always knew to keep his guard up.

Rajoln and Versui met up with each other at the Cantina. After a conversation that shared suspicions, the two decided they could trust each other and carry out their assigned task. With the recent Imperial activity, Rajoln's employer had tasked him with identifying what it is they are making at a specific Imperial facility. Versui's task was to assist him in any way possible.

The sharp tongued Devaronian activated his comlink and contacted his insider and friend, Gumbrai. A drinking buddy when he was not working, the Mon Cala had figured out a way into the targeted facility by obtaining employment as a technician. While the Empire dislikes aliens, they never shy away from using them for cheap labor. After a waiting a bit, he joined them at the Cantina, imparting knowledge about the facility and how he could help them get in. The group decided it was time to scout it out.

As they left the cantina, a human female was being accosted in an alleyway by members of the Black Sun. Versui recognized them as part of someone else's crew and his attempts to talk them down were ignored. Combat broke out but the adventurers worked together to eliminate the foes, sending one running.

Lora introduced herself and pleaded for assistance in finding the Bactavis-producing facility. She shared the information and Gumbrai recognized that it may be his facility. The group agreed to help each other and set off.

The only way to the facility that Gumbrai knew of was an Imperial shuttle that would transport the workers. However, he could likely find his way on ground if they had transport. Rajoln used his connection with his employer to secure some speeders that would get them to their destination.

Once at the facility, the group spied light patrol activity and a technology officer being reamed out by what looked to be an officer with superior standing. In the clear evening air, the officer's scolding could be heard clear as day. He identified himself as Captain Kujan and he had been tasked with the supervision of this facility while also reigning over the Imperial Star Destroyer that floated over THRONE, the COMMANDMENT. He stormed off into the parked shuttle nearby and took off towards the ship.

While Gumbrai entered the facility through normal means using his employee identification at the checkpoint, the others cut their way through a fence on the side of the facility. Hiding behind crates, a patrol had spotted them. Versui deceived them into thinking there was a creature that carved the whole and that they were the fence repair team, though they forgot their tools inside due to the rushed call. The patrol thought they saw a tuft of hair as Versui harnessed the force to further deceive them. 

After going inside, the adventurers gained access to the medical sector of the facility by breaking into a locker. Having almost been caught by a Falleen named Jerr, Gumbrai explained that he needed tools. The technology officer Breen, clearly still flustered from being berated, walked by the room and yelled at the group to get back to work fixing that fence immediately.

In accessing the medical sector, the suspicions were confirmed and the facility did indeed create Bactavis. Lora grabbed a small crate's worth while the others only grabbed small batches of the vials. Being the professional that he is, Rajoln further instructed Gumbrai to access a terminal to pull up where security was located. Additionally, they downloaded data to his datapad.

At they opened the door to security, they found two guards who had fallen asleep. Versui used the force to give one who was semi-awake a nightmare, causing him to fall out of his chair and knocking himself out cold. While this happened, Gumbrai and Rajoln went to work on deleting the last 15 minutes of security footage.

It was now time to leave and the Falleen, Jerr, had spotted them walking out with the Bactavis. Gumbrai convinced him to join their group and help them escape, stating that the medicine would help those in need and that the Rebellion could use another proud soul like Jerr. The patrol had left the fence site and went back to their usual route. Some keen timing and the group had walked out as if they were never even there…


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
MrMango Rajoln - 0 15 5
Versui Versui Ront 11 -1 15 5
Mando Gumbrai - - 15 5
Takeshi Lora Ravenfire 6 2 15 0


Gumbrai gained +2 to his existing Duty.

Session 5
Tradition Be Damned


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

The hand of the Empire seems to be closing in around our adventurers. In what feels like an omen, the Imperial Star Destroyer, COMMANDMENT, has recently moved from low orbit and now casts an intimidating shadow over much of the capital city of THRONE.

The droid bounty hunter, BZ-55, has recently arrived on the planet. His investigation has led him to THRONE, where he has befriended a highly skilled Mon Cala engineer named Gumbrai. SIA DELLIAN has provided Gumbrai to go to an address in the residential area.

Narrowly escaping with grievous wounds from an Imperial raid, the group attempted to contact their trader friend Fallo Dink to no avail. Upon arriving at the Throne Spaceport, they find that Fallo’s ship has been impounded by the Empire along with a sign requesting the pilot’s presence at Imperial Customs. With nowhere else to go and no immediate plan, the group has fled to Ja’han’s safe house.

Ailing from the previous day and hoping to lay low, the adventurers have a brief moment of respite. As they heal their wounds and discuss their next course of action, Ja'han hears an Mon Cala voice on his comms stating that he is outside. Remembering that SIA DELLIAN had mentioned she had sent contacts over, he opened the door. The Mon Cal was accompanied by the droid, BZ-55, who had established a good relationship previous with Gumbrai after he mentioned how we could improve his older chassis. After allowing them inside, Gumbrai stated that they needed to meet up with SIA as there was an important event happening at the royal palace of House Zuud they needed to be present for.

As the group opens the door to leave, an Imperial officer is standing about to knock. Both parties are surprised but the officer, standing flanked by 2 stormtroopers, firmly asks for the owner of the apartment and to see credentials. Ja'han attempted to use the force to persuade the officer but cannot break the Imperial condition of the man. While the Kel'dor calmly began searching a drawer for something that could act as identification, the Mon Cal loudly shouted "FOR THE REBELLION!" and attacked the officer with a surprise blaster shot.

The two sides began a heated battle at extremely close-quarters. BZ-55 shot the ceiling with a slug thrower rifle shot as Da'Sash attempted to de-escalate the situation by deploying her electro-net to little effect. The resulting battle left the Imperials dead, the safe house comprimised, and a panicked group that decided to make their way to the palace grounds.

Upon arriving, SIA DELLIAN stood outside waiting and scorned them for being late. She led them through a side entrance and up to the second floor to a balcony spot overlooking the royal courtyard. As they entered the balcony space, Jato Zuud had just finished speaking and introduced his father and lead council member, Shakar Zuud,

Noticing those up on stage with them, the group realized they were now attendees to a major council meeting.  The House leaders were all in attendance; Ania Kikro of House Kikro, Tamien Yer of House Yer, Prince Xizor of House Sizhran, and Kaman Vetran of House Vetran. Accompanying Prince Xizor was not only the blond female advisor the group had seen before but also Governor Tobias Marr and his elite trooper guard. Behind the entirety of the council was a squad of stormtroopers fanned out and spanning the entirety of the stage.

Shakar's words were powerful. He discussed the boons of the Imperial occupation, drawing a sense of odd criticism from the crowd of nobles and minor houses. He continued speaking of how his people have been challenge before, are being challenge now, and will forever be challenged in the face of threats that are foreign to FALLEEN. The group saw Marr's face begin to scowl. As his speech took a turn towards the traditionalism the FALLEEN are known for, BZ-55 silently moved away from the group.

His assassination programming had been activated. Finding an empty spot hidden amongst a different balcony, he aimed a calculated shot and fired. The shot echoed throughout the room as the powerful slug thrower sent a shot firmly into the skull of the FALLEEN council leader. Shakar Zuud now laid lifeless upon the stage. SIA DELLIAN quickly led the group out, grabbing the droid as he walked back to the group, and leading them to a secret escape tunnel.

The group, left puzzled and confused that they would think they are responsible for this due to the association with BZ-55, followed SIA through the tunnel. Ja'han calmly persauded SIA to tell him what was really going on here and that he would move no further until she gave him any information.

SIA sighed heavily. Remembering that time is a factor, she then quickly explained that it was planned for him to be removed from office so that Jato Zuud would take over the house and possibly the council. Her face began to crack as tears formed in her eyes and she sadly muttered, "But not like this…"


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Torthack Ja'han Alik 5 0 15 5
Alex Kangaroo BZ-55 - - 15 5
Mando Gumbrai - - 15 5
Sodranis Da'Sash 6 4 15 5


Vidarr (Sodranis) gained +3 Debt obligation for taking out a loan.
Takeshi (Takeshi) healed 3 wounds and 3 strain.
BZ-55 gained +5 to its existing Obligation.
Gumbrai gained +3 to his existing Duty.

Session 4
Fists of Opportunity


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

           Since handing over the discovered evidence from the warehouse, Jato Zuud and Sia Dellian have been formulating how exactly they plan to use the information. While they do this, they have instructed that the adventurers stay out of sight until contacted. The group happily obliges since, coincidentally, the Imperials have increased their patrol presence.

           Meanwhile, in the past week, a Twi’lek named Gaz has recently made his way to Falleen and has established a business deal with Roq to do some shock boxing for him. One way or another, the group has found themselves in the crowd, rooting for their friend and happy to see him without a bottle in his hand…

           The group is greeted by a mean a pair of bouncers at the front entrance. A mean looking Devaronian and Rodian take their cover charges and motion them down the adjacent stairwell. As they walk down, the air becomes thick with smoke and the smell of whiskey. Those perceptive enough smell the hint of dried blood. In view is a crowd clamored around a makeshift ring in a dumpy underground arena.

           With the increased Imperial patrols, Fe Man been given orders from the local rebel cell to lay low. After the hefty amount of work in Torin’s workshop, he invites the Drall along to witness spectacle of a Falleen underground boxing ring! Fe Man and Torin are already in the crowd when they are surprised to find Vidarr and the others they met at the Cantina. After some brief conversations catching up, the group’s attention is turned as Roq’s name is called out by the announcer.

           Minutes before in a side room, Gaz brings Roq a pair of vibro-knucklers. Forced to explain himself, he tells Roq he’s got a great deal on the odds for this fight, better than the public. Roq is angry that he got roped into doing this but needs the credits badly. Roq gives some money to bet on himself, confident that this will be his last fight in any ring.

           Meeting in the ring, Gaz quietly offered his opponent’s manager to tell his guy to dive. The manager glared at him and proudly claimed that he would tell his boxer to have a field day. With the fighters in their corners, a Xexto is striped garb motioned for both of the fighters to join him in the center of the ring.        

           After the Xexto announced the terms of the fight, the bell rang and the two fighters began to circle each other. The Wee Quay boxer towered over Roq. As they came together, jabs and haymakers were thrown, spilling blood onto the already disgusting makeshift mat. As the group noticed more and more Black Sun insignias on the audience’s clothing, the boxer connected with a sturdy shot, winding Roq severely. The crowd cheered as the Wee Quay raised his arms, exposing a Black Sun tattoo on his arm.

           During the fight, Fe man cheered Roq on while his floating labor droid, JR-V5, helped to distract his opponent. Ja’han decided he would use the force to confuse his opponent despite knowing his interference was impacting Roq’s own path. Vidarr sensed something was wrong as he say the Devaronian from the front door thrown down the stairs.

           The brutal fight inched towards its conclusion as both fighters were badly bloodied. Roq gathered all his strength and put the Wee Quay on his back. As the Xexto’s count reached 10, the credits were transferred and Roq was victorious and Gaz was richer for it. Fe Man’s datapad lit up with a deposit. As the Drall got lost in the crowd and eventually found a different exit, Stormtroopers began to swarm the building.

                Ja’hans imperial comlink was buzzing with raid assignments. He attempted to cause chaos through misdirection; however the troopers were set in their orders. The group gathered themselves and headed out the side entrance normally reserved for staff. Some of the crowd had joined them. Opening the door, the group watched as the panicked members of the audience walked out into blaster fire, some dropping while after only taking a single step beyond the doorway.

           Gaz looked out and counted 4 troopers and a sergeant. The adventurers armed themselves and took the fight against the Empire. Ja’han suffered a grievous wound but managed to escape while Takeshi and the others covered him. The others faught valiantly, with Vidarr suffering a horrific injury. He knew it was time to retreat out the side entrance and cleared a path using the force, throwing a Stormtrooper clear against the wall. To ensure that no Imperials saw him use the force, Vidarr took his sword and ran it through the unconscious trooper.

           At the end of the side street, a speeder bay had multiple speeders parked. Thankfully they were unlocked and the group sped away. In desperation, they agreed it was time to get off the planet. Though he was not answered his comlink, the group decided to head towards the spaceport to find Fallo Dink.

           Arriving at the spaceport, they quickly made their way to dock C17. Seeing the Retreiver sitting there through the closed transparisteel doors, they noticed that the docking clamp was engaged but Fallo to be nowhere in sight. In trying to figure out what could have happened to Fallo, Vidarr began to read aloud a sign posted on the wall nearby. It read, “Will the owner of the ship registered as the Retriever please report to the Imperial Customs office.”


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Torthack Ja'han Alik 3 4 15  
Mando Roq - - 15  
Takeshi Yamato Takeshi Yamato 4 -1 15  
user1453 Fe Man - - 15  
Sodranis Vidarr Rimaaki 6 3 15  


Ja'han gained -1 to his existing obligation.
Gaz gained +1 to his existing obligation.



Session 3
The Rumor Mill


A few days have passed since our adventurers uncovered details involving a major deal between the Black Suns and the Empire that will surely make it difficult for those in favor of neither. The success of that undertaking has caught the watchful eye of a FALLEEN noble, Prince Jato of House Zuud. Through working with Sia Dellian in one way or another, the characters have been summoned to the royal palace of House Zuud for a meeting.

The group enters the magnificent royal residence of House Zuud. An established major family on Falleen, House Zuud has been instrumental in providing an unbiased view of any political actions that may affect the planet. In what feels like a maze of hallways and rooms, the group makes their way to a large, semi-circular, conference room where they find Jato accompanied by a familiar face…

In the conference room, Takeshi and Vidarr are once again reunited with Alyx. The older Cerean present in the room introduces himself as Tafta Linnik, followed by the rough-looking Iktochi who introduces himself as Jatis. The brewing conversation is interrupted by the entrance of the Bothan Infochant Sia Dellian walking in. At her side stands a royal looking Falleen.

The Falleen introduces himself as Jato Zuud, the prince of House Zuud. The characters are aware that House Zuud is a major controlling house in the planet’s political affairs. Its house leader, Shaka Zuud is currently in control as head of the political pantheon that is the Council of Houses.

Jato shared his suspicions that a certain house may be involved in the deal that the group uncovered a few days ago. Rumors had been milling and before he could look into any further, he explained that he needed confirmation to those rumors, not just the word of a gang official, to provide solid evidence. He tasked the group with infiltrating a supposedly abandoned warehouse in the Yellow District where he believed them to be using as a possible distribution center.

Sia Dellian then formally introduced Tafta to the group, giving him the floor. He provided further detail on how he had been working as a healer in the area, treating disease and addiction that had suddenly engulfed it. In his time there, he noticed the activity at the warehouse and that the smog in the area would make it difficult. A noise on Jato’s datapad interrupted any further conversation and he promptly informed everyone that the meeting was over.

As the group was leaving the royal grounds of House Zuud, they turned a corner and saw three imposing figures. Two Falleen, one dressed in the resplendent robes of House Zuud and recognized as Shaka Zuud himself; the other Falleen seemed disgusted of their presence and he was recognized as Prince Xizor of House Sizhran. He was followed closely by a beautiful and elegant blonde human woman who appeared to be some sort of silent advisor to the prince.

After some attempted preparation work at Ja’han’s apartment that led to Vidarr’s newly acquired datapad getting temporarily fried, the group set out to find some equipment and make their way to the yellow district. Stopping at the messy pawn shop Vidarr had purchased his datapad at earlier, Tafta was able to purchase a single pair of macrobinoculars with infrared vision by spending all of his credits and borrowing some of Vidarr’s.

While en route to their destination, the group noticed a small group of Stormtroopers harassing an Ithorian street vendor. As they got closer they noticed the Imperials simply making it difficult for the creature. Vidarr, who had been practicing his force powers in secret, decided to use the force to take the Sergeant’s comlink out of his utility belt. Being too busy, the Sergeant didn’t notice as he was enjoying the sight of his Stormtroopers start to beat the snot out of the Ithorian. With the Sergeant now noticing the group and telling them to move, the group avoided confrontation and ducked into an alleyway nearby. Actions and ideas were deliberated while the Ithorian was beaten and his table and wares trashed about the sidewalk.

Eventually, the Stormtroopers moved on and the group rushed to the creature’s aid. Tafta provided the poor Ithorian with a stimpak and the group picked up his wares and helped him home. As the group was leaving, Alyx quickly exchanged information and gave him a contact within the Falleen rebel cell, who would surely be interested in purchasing his wares and possibly more. Despite what had just happened, the Ithorian enthusiastically accepted the information knowing he could get back at the Empire.

As you the group made their way into the Yellow district, the smog and soot in the air became palpable. A visible hue from FALLEEN’s star colored the air and made it difficult to see clearly. Alyx began having a coughing fit. As they arrived, Tafta and his new macrobinoculars were able to see through the thick smog from a good distance. Finding two imposing droids stand at the front entrance and what looking to be closed loading bay doors, the group decidedly to further scout the area and eventually finding an adjacent warehouse building that had a fire escape access.

Getting on the same sidewalk as the building, Takeshi sensed many living beings inside. As the group got closer to the front door area, the Droids were threatened by their presence and informed them to step away or be fired upon. The group gladly obliged and continued on their way, ducking into the adjacent alleyway. It is here that Vidarr channeled the dark side to unlatch the ladder but this would be only one of many times he would access this energy.

Once the group made it up to the roof, they needed to now make a short range jump across the alleyway. Vidarr attempted to assist everyone one by one with moving across using the force but could only safely get Ja’han across. With a running start, all but one made it safely across. As Tafta went to jump, he did not get enough of a solid footing and ended up dangling from a window ledge, nearly alerting those inside.

After some time and with Alyx almost plummeting to her death, the group was able to hoist him up without being detected. Looking down through the smog lights, they were able to see many workers and Black Sun thugs loading up one of the speeder trucks with secured crates. Noticing a locked roof trap door, Alyx firmly bent the locking mechanism into the unlocked position and propped it open. Looking down into an empty supervisory office that overlooked the warehouse, they dropped down in.

Takeshi immediately noticed a necklace he had seen in his dreams and force visions sitting upon a stack of papers. As he examined it further, the necklace was his sister’s. As he scrambled through the papers to look for more information, he found a file containing a possible lead on her location.

During this time, the group attempted to access the terminal but instead activated the failsafe alarm, triggered the warehouse into action. The group attempted to deceive the thugs into thinking the alarm was set off outside but were countered by the droids coming inside to respond. As a tough looking thug opened the door, to his surprise the group stood before him ready to fight. As combat began, the workers scattered and ran; some for the door and some in the crate-filled truck.

Grievous wounds were dished back and forth. Jatis lead the charge out of the office, barreling through the thugs and knocking some of them off the catwalk to their deaths. The group finally triumphed as the last of the thugs were mowed down. As Ja’han picked up a comlink, he recognized the voice of Zonn saying, “I’m almost there, make sure they don’t get away!” As he turned off that comlink, his personal one blipped on with a message from Versui, the Devaronian he had met earlier in the week. “I delayed them for as long as I could. Good luck.” His message whispered.

With one of the crates damaged spilling its contents out onto the floor, they noticed opaque black bags. This confirmed it was indeed glitterstim. The group disconnected the terminal and began loading some of the crates onto the truck.

Pulling the truck up to House Zuud caused a bit of a stir. Jato was indeed impressed that they had not only confirmed the rumors but also provided some further information for his research slicers to investigate. On the other hand, he was upset he had to now deal with making the truck, speeder bikes, and glitterstim disappear.  He informed the group to report to Sia who would have the cred sticks in her office…

Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Rad Scientist Tafta Linnik 6 -3 25 No
Torthack Ja'han Alik 3 4 30 Yes
Javeforce Jatis Visan - - 30 Yes
Takeshi Yamato Takeshi Yamato 2 2 30 Yes
Perpetualmanchild Alyx Wildstar 4 2 25 No
Sodranis Vidarr Rimaaki 7 -1 30 Yes
Session 2
Quid Pro Lekku?


Our adventurers find themselves back on FALLEEN. During the trip, they noticed the Imperial Class-I Star Destroyer, the COMMANDMENT continues to sit in low orbit over the FALLEEN capital city of THRONE. The planet has been securely occupied by the EMPIRE for some time now with little to no resistance from the proud FALLEEN species. Most have actually seen the imperial presence a welcome discouragement against the usual pirate activity the system is known for.

It’s now been since the events on Malastare, our adventurers now find themselves taking cover from a heavy rain storm…

We begin with Vidarr, Takeshi, and Roq looking to follow up on their lead to DANTOOINE. Roq took a firm seat at a nearby cantina as he continued to grieve his missing family. He let the others know to call him if they found anything. After asking around the spaceport, there was no willing to travel to DANTOOINE seeing that it was on the other side of the galaxy and out of the way for most traders and transport ships.

In a nicely furnished office, the Devaronian Versui sat across the table from a very influential Bothan Infochant named Sia Dellian. Seeing it as an opportunity to stir up some information regarding his personal search, Versui had been working as agent for her since he arrived on the planet. His target would be a Black Sun officer named ZONN who was involved in some type of grand deal. She wanted to know with who they were working with and for what reason.

As they were discussing details of what needed to be done, a Kel'Dor named Ja'han Alik was thrown into the room. She berated the thugs under her employ and apologized to the off-worlder. Interested in him as he had managed to stay well hidden as one of the few Kel'Doran in the entire city. He simply stated that he was a mere traveler and that this was one of many such stops.

Poking further into his story but without Ja'han budging to provide any further details, she firmly told him to provide help to Versui or she could make things very difficult for him. As a call came in on her office comlink and she requested their leave, Ja'han reluctantly agreed to work with Versui, who was already frustrated he would not be working this job solo as he has done so many times in the past. Versui utilized a contact he had established on THRONE to track down his target to a specific cantina.

Meanwhile, a Drall by the name of Fe Man had recently come to call FALLEEN his home after being transferred here. After uncomfortably navigating the strees of THRONE, he ducked into a mechanics shop to see what they had to offer. He met a human droid mechanic and shop owner named Torin Brendix. Sharing their love for all things tech, they quickly came to a deal. Using Torin's parts, Fe Man would use Torin's workshop to build them both a serviceable helper droid similar to the JR-5S model that followed Fe Man around. With wanting all the work done outside of business hours, Fe Man decided to pass the time by visiting a nearby cantina.

Frustrated in not being able to find a ship captain to take them to DANTOOINE, Takeshi and Vidarr met back up with Roq and grabbed a drink themselves. The cantina in the spaceport contained some casino games that encouraged the transient customers to quickly spend their money as they came through.

Versui's contact came through as he entered the cantina spotted ZONN and his crew in the corner. The two split up as Versui took a spot close to Zonn's table and Ja'han went to casually take a seat at the bar. There he introduced himself to Vidarr, Takeshi, and Roq. Fe Man enjoyed himself by rigging a slot machine to win some extra spending money, stopping just in time as a casino pit boss was making the rounds. As Zonn left his table, the party made their moves.

Versui reached out to the dark side and befriended the crew by being able to relate to their lack of what they considered to be "fun jobs" lately.  Ja'han and Vidarr followed Zonn to the restroom. After collecting himself, The Kel'Doran went in while Vidar watched the door. Inside, the Black Sun officer was expectedly apprehensive of his questions. Grabbing him and dragging him out the door back towards the turbolift, they managed to calm him down and discuss a proper trade of information.

As they met back at the table with the crew, Ja'han wittingly got Zonn to speak up about a deal between the Empire and the Black Suns, specifically involving Governor Marr.  As it was now the party's turn to give up information, Ja'han quickly create his ruse; A yellow Twi'lek by the name of Lolth was the one seeking the information. As Versui had expressed interest in joining Zonn's crew, he tasked the Devaronian with bringing back one of the Twil'eks lekku as proof.

With the party in a jam and discussing how they were going to trick the crime boss, Fe Man did some holonet digging on his datapad. First, he found out a captain of a ship called the Retriever by the name of Fallo Dink at dock C17. Afterwards, he searched and found a Twi'lek matching Ja'han's fake Twi'lek to nearly a T. He triumphantly hacked in and changed the will designation of the deceased so that the body could be released to a family member. The datapad also now held a digital I.D. for Versui that would allow him to be a brother-in-law. 

The trip to the morgue was efficient. After signing some release paperwork, the body was taken by Versui and Fe Man, though they released they had not grabbed any tools to cut the appendage off! A quick trip to the store resolved that and a yellow lekku was obtained.

Takeshi, Vidarr, and Roq had met up with Fallo Dink at dock C17 to find him and his droid, C4, working on the ship. While the captain had an upcoming delivery to make, he didn't see an issue with taking them to Dantooine in the future. To solifidy the new relationship with their pilot, they grabbed Fe Man on comms who provided some tips and tricks to C4 on reinforcing the hull in a more efficient way. 

The next day, Fe Man deftly crafted the droids for Torin and himself while Versui met back up with Zonn. After producing the lekku, Zonn expressed his excitement in adding an efficient member to his crew, further sharing with him the details that the Black Sun are looking to make Glitterstim and have the Empire look the other way for a cut. Versui personally delivered this information to his infochant who informed him that him and his group had caught the eye of a noble Falleen and he was very interested in meeting them…


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
User1453 Fe Man - - 25 Yes
Torthack Ja'han Alik 0 8 25 Yes
Mando Roq - - 25 Yes
Takeshi Yamato Takeshi Yamato 0 5 20 -
Versui Ront Versui Ront 4 6 25 Yes
Sodranis Vidarr Rimaaki 0 6 25 Yes

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