Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 20
Enter Sanctuary


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

Finding only a bracelet so far that Anya recognizes as having to do with a Twi’lek Clan known for worshipping the dark side, the group’s search for the devious Boc’Itsa has become that much more dangerous. Master Aloff continues to recover aboard Lyth’s YT-1200.

Upon returning to the ship to check on Fe Man’s progress, one of the fresh Rebels recruited from Rishi tells the group about where he has seen the icon on the bracelet before; A store that is called “Sanctuary” and focuses on selling homeopathic medicines.

Our heroes find themselves turning a street corner and seeing the sign that confirms the place.

With repairs almost complete on the YG-4210 the group turns their attention towards finding the traitorous Twi’lek Boc'Itsa and the future. Fe Man (User1453) realizes that the rebel cell is in need of additional starships and suggests the Lt Nobbs that he might be able to purchase a ship at Correlia as several of the shipyards were planning to sell off their old prototypes.  Lt Nobbs agrees that this would be a good idea and says he will try to arrange transport. Felze (Mando), a Zabrak, hearing this decides that he would attempt to arrange transport for the group. Felze manages to find a YT-2400 outbound for Corellia captained by another Zabrak. Unfortunately this Zabrak is a believer in the superiority of the Zabrak race above all other races. Felze manages to convince her to carry himself and his allies but never discusses price. Felze captivated by the captains beauty begins relaying all manner of details about what the group plans to do on correlia, and would possibly have gone on to compromise the rebel cell had Anya (Bandersaur) not walked in and skillfully steered the conversation back onto price. The price asked was 25K credits, Felze thinking this was a good deal brought it back to the group. Fe Man shot this idea down, commenting that for that price; they should just buy a ship.

At this point the group decides to track down a lead to find Boc’Itsa, Anya recognizes the bracelet that was their only lead as belonging to a Twilek cult known as Sanctuary. The group headed to the location on the serenity cult, stopping briefly at a market along the way. At the market Felze again failed to find a Bonta Blaster.

The group arrived at the cult and Anya skillfully talked the group past front desk and Fe man persuaded the receptionist, a human named Sister Kya, to call Boc’Itsa to his office. As everyone sat around a conference table sharing drinks, Boc'Itsa claimed that he was critical to the Ritual of the Moon and could not leave the cult. Fe Man after a brief conversation with Lt. Nobbs over his cerebral commlink decided the most expedient route would be to shoot Boc'Itsa. The group quickly subdued the Twi’lek using the stun setting on their blasters.  The fire alarm was activated and the group snuck out in the confusion with Fe Man carrying Boc'Itsa on his backpack. As the group rocketed away in the landspeeder a figure clad in black fatigues shot at Felze causing a grievous injury.

The group safely returned Boc'Itsa to Lt. Nobbs who secured the prisoner and began prepping for interrogation…



Character Name



Conflict Gained

Morality +/-

XP Earned

Motivation Bonus


















Fe Man

















Felze removed a (dd) crit

Anya gained +2 Duty (Support)
Felze gained +2 Duty (Support)
Fe Man gained +2 existing Duty
Takeshi gained +2 Duty (Roll)



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