Contribution Rank Advancement

In Across the Galaxy, those against the Empire are working harder than to establish a foothold against what seems like an impossible task.  Duty is used both as a threshold and a way to measure your total contribution to the Rebellion. However, in Across the Galaxy, Duty is tracked individually instead of as a group. This allows players the ability to somewhat control the way they intend to help the Rebellion and the rewards they receive from them.

Duty as a Threshold

Some NPCs may choose not to talk to a group if one of their characters has too little or too much Duty.  A group working together may combine their individual duty to temporarily increase their effective contribution rank. This may result is being able to talk to certain NPCs and other benefits but will not advance the Duty for any individual character during that session.

Example: Snaggle the Drall and Tooth the Trandoshan both have Contribution Rank 0 and have 15 Total Duty. Combined they have 30 Total Duty which is enough to to inflate their CR to 1 when working together.

Duty Advancement

When a character reaches the threshold for a Contribution Rank, they may choose to cash that Duty in for a reward. When cashing in, the Total Duty remains unaffected but the regular Duty will reduce to 0.

Contribution Rank Total Duty Required
0 0
1 25
2 50
3 100
4 175
5 300

Example: Biggles the Aleen has reached 25 Total Duty and wants to gain rank with the Rebellion. His Duty becomes 0 but his total duty remains the same. His CR becomes 1 and he gets a reward of at most rarity 4.
Alternatively, you can easily calculate your total duty by adding the Duty amount of your current CR plus your Duty.

The following entries from the book have been modified to be geared towards individuals.

If the character opts for an individual piece of equipment as
the reward, the character can choose one piece of equipment
(weapon, armor, gear, etc.) to receive from the
Alliance for free. These pieces of gear cannot have a
rarity greater than 3 plus the character's current Contribution
rank. At the GM's discretion, the gear acquired this
way can be restricted or modified.

If the character selects a character-owned vehicle as its reward,
they can choose one vehicle or starship to receive from
the Alliance for free. This vehicle or starship cannot
have a rarity greater than 3 plus the party's current
Contribution rank. The price and size of vehicle the Alliance
is willing to part with is up to the GM. Additionally,
at the GM's discretion, the vehicle or starship acquired
this way can be restricted or modified.

If the character doesn't need or want any gear or vehicles
from the Alliance, the character can instead ask for a strategic
asset. This might be a safe house in a specific
system, temporary use of a powerful Alliance ship, a
smaller cell of Alliance operatives to aid the party in
their missions, or anything else the party can imagine.
The player should work with the GM to come up with
a narrative reward that is something the Alliance could
provide and is appropriate for the character's Contribution rank or
the party's combined
Contribution rank.


Contribution Rank Advancement

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