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Session 0 Document

New and old players alike should use this document as their initial reference to Across the Galaxy.

Duty Advancement

What is Duty about and why should I collect it?

Priority Placement

Rules in place to give everyone a fair chance at playing!


See if your accomplishments have made it here. Have an idea for a new record? Let me know!

In Memoriam

Honoring those heroes and adventurers that have been lost in the struggles of the galaxy


(Work In Progress) Some interesting campaign stats!


Gain the Advantage

Until it finds a home, my add-on rule for GTA is as follows:

It works as written with the addition that the Pilot who has used GTA is facing the defense arc the pilot has chosen. Unless the weapon's arc reaches the defense zone that the attacker is on, the defender is unable to return fire. The defending pilot may attempt to break the GTA as an action (opposed piloting check) with the attacker receiving a boost die.


Main Page

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