Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 14

Mind giving me a hand?


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

A few days have passed since the raid upon the warehouse and the acquisition of the group’s first starship, a Barloz-class freighter. Mechanics such as Rajoln, Gumbrai, and Fe Man have each spent some time ensuring the vehicle is space worthy.

Lt. Nobbs is elated about the fabricated plasteels have provided the Rebels with an injection of raw materials to use or sell. He has provided Feros Acquisitions Inc. with 5,000 credits. The other notable haulage from the ship was a deactivated imperial probe droid and an occupied carbonite container. The probe droid is sitting in the Lt. Nobbs’ office and the carbonite container has since been moved to a room adjacent to the makeshift infirmary.

In all that has happened, a new face has appeared in the complex. An eyepatched Aqualish named Juma seems to have been spending a lot of time in Gewob Nobb’s office.

Individually, some of the group tries to talk to Lt. Nobbs but he does provides them with short answers as he is currently busy in a meeting the the Aqualish and Master Aloff in his makeshift office.  

Our heroes meet together in the room that Fe Man has been using as a pseudo-workshop. Fe Man convinces the group that he was not able to construct an arm for Felze and will need to find a black market contact. After Felze's sacrifice in acquiring the mission, the group agrees as they have other things in the market they would like to purchase.

While the others take the V35 landspeeder to the market, Ja'han and Kaden pay for a cab. Along the ride, they become acquanited with each other learning the reasons why they fight for the cause and have a brief discussion on morals.

After some shopping, the group finds a Gran Doctor named Nun'Dra working out of a clinic. He explains to them that he is just trying to provide quality healthcare to those who need it but sometimes has to deal with those who try to push them around. He agrees to help the heroes if they remain in touch should he need something. 

As he goes into a back room, Nun'Dra explains that on Takobo, the cybernetics industry is illegal. He unfurls a blanket revealing a number of cybernetic parts. Some of them appear damaged but Fe Man states it should be no issue salvaging them into a working unit. Little does the group know that they are under a watchful eye.

The group is ambushed as Kaden is punched in the face in the middle of the busy and crowded market street. As the crowd disperses, more groups of thugs reveal themselves wielding rifles. The fully armored figure's speech is muffled from inside of his helmet, "This is the last time you mess with the Striped Nexu."

Our heroes quickly react to the threat. Ja'han uses the force to spur his group to a heightened level of focus. The combat seems to slow down a bit for everyone as the Drall takes out his heavily modified pistol and incapacitates the fully armored warrior with ease. Caius then does the same to one of the groups firing as them.

The group was so focused on fighting that they failed to realized they were still standing in the middle of the market street. As they are barraged with fire, they are too distracted to notice a speeder going full speed into our group of heroes. All but Felze manage to avoid being hit by the speeder. The Zabrak rolls off the hood of the speeder, taking the impact with an alien grace and landing on his feet. 

Out of the speeder jumps new foes. Meanwhile, Planetary Defense Force units can be heard in the background and they are only getting louder. As the remaining group of ambushers is dealt with, the blinking lights on the Defense Force speeders can now be seen.

Caius, Felze, and Fe Man jump into the speeder and take off. The defense forces take pursuit! The others split up, losing any pursuers in alleyways and blending in with the street crowds on adjacent streets. Caius expertly eludes the officers with the help of a precise shot by Fe Man to take out the engines on one of the chasing land speeders.

Once back at the complex, Fe Man is quickly able to create a cybernetic arm tailored just for Felze. As he goes under the knife for surgery, the Drall and the medical droid install the arm and also sure up some of his internal damage his body has been suffering.

As they wrap up, a voice can be heard over the complex's comm system. It is Lt. Nobbs and he has requested everyone join him in the briefing room…



Character Name



Conflict Gained

Morality +/-

XP Earned

Motivation Bonus










































Fe Man








Gained a new contact: Gran Doctor named Nun'Dra - clinic in Takobo City Inner Tier

Criticals dealt
Felze: Fearsome Wound

Criticals healed
Felze healed: Horrific Injury, Downgraded Head Ringer to an easy check

Feros Acquisitions gains +5000 credits (see Session Crawl)
Dorian gains +4000 credits
All others gains +500 credits

Kaden gains +2 existing bounty obligation, +1 Duty/Sabotage
Caius gains +2 existing bounty obligation, +1 Duty/Tech Procurement
Felze gains +2 existing bounty obligation
Dorian gains +2 debt existing obligation
Ja'han gains +2 existing bounty obligation, +1 Duty/Random
User1453 gains +2 existing favor obligation, +5 Duty/Tech Procurement


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