Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 4

Fists of Opportunity


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

           Since handing over the discovered evidence from the warehouse, Jato Zuud and Sia Dellian have been formulating how exactly they plan to use the information. While they do this, they have instructed that the adventurers stay out of sight until contacted. The group happily obliges since, coincidentally, the Imperials have increased their patrol presence.

           Meanwhile, in the past week, a Twi’lek named Gaz has recently made his way to Falleen and has established a business deal with Roq to do some shock boxing for him. One way or another, the group has found themselves in the crowd, rooting for their friend and happy to see him without a bottle in his hand…

           The group is greeted by a mean a pair of bouncers at the front entrance. A mean looking Devaronian and Rodian take their cover charges and motion them down the adjacent stairwell. As they walk down, the air becomes thick with smoke and the smell of whiskey. Those perceptive enough smell the hint of dried blood. In view is a crowd clamored around a makeshift ring in a dumpy underground arena.

           With the increased Imperial patrols, Fe Man been given orders from the local rebel cell to lay low. After the hefty amount of work in Torin’s workshop, he invites the Drall along to witness spectacle of a Falleen underground boxing ring! Fe Man and Torin are already in the crowd when they are surprised to find Vidarr and the others they met at the Cantina. After some brief conversations catching up, the group’s attention is turned as Roq’s name is called out by the announcer.

           Minutes before in a side room, Gaz brings Roq a pair of vibro-knucklers. Forced to explain himself, he tells Roq he’s got a great deal on the odds for this fight, better than the public. Roq is angry that he got roped into doing this but needs the credits badly. Roq gives some money to bet on himself, confident that this will be his last fight in any ring.

           Meeting in the ring, Gaz quietly offered his opponent’s manager to tell his guy to dive. The manager glared at him and proudly claimed that he would tell his boxer to have a field day. With the fighters in their corners, a Xexto is striped garb motioned for both of the fighters to join him in the center of the ring.        

           After the Xexto announced the terms of the fight, the bell rang and the two fighters began to circle each other. The Wee Quay boxer towered over Roq. As they came together, jabs and haymakers were thrown, spilling blood onto the already disgusting makeshift mat. As the group noticed more and more Black Sun insignias on the audience’s clothing, the boxer connected with a sturdy shot, winding Roq severely. The crowd cheered as the Wee Quay raised his arms, exposing a Black Sun tattoo on his arm.

           During the fight, Fe man cheered Roq on while his floating labor droid, JR-V5, helped to distract his opponent. Ja’han decided he would use the force to confuse his opponent despite knowing his interference was impacting Roq’s own path. Vidarr sensed something was wrong as he say the Devaronian from the front door thrown down the stairs.

           The brutal fight inched towards its conclusion as both fighters were badly bloodied. Roq gathered all his strength and put the Wee Quay on his back. As the Xexto’s count reached 10, the credits were transferred and Roq was victorious and Gaz was richer for it. Fe Man’s datapad lit up with a deposit. As the Drall got lost in the crowd and eventually found a different exit, Stormtroopers began to swarm the building.

                Ja’hans imperial comlink was buzzing with raid assignments. He attempted to cause chaos through misdirection; however the troopers were set in their orders. The group gathered themselves and headed out the side entrance normally reserved for staff. Some of the crowd had joined them. Opening the door, the group watched as the panicked members of the audience walked out into blaster fire, some dropping while after only taking a single step beyond the doorway.

           Gaz looked out and counted 4 troopers and a sergeant. The adventurers armed themselves and took the fight against the Empire. Ja’han suffered a grievous wound but managed to escape while Takeshi and the others covered him. The others faught valiantly, with Vidarr suffering a horrific injury. He knew it was time to retreat out the side entrance and cleared a path using the force, throwing a Stormtrooper clear against the wall. To ensure that no Imperials saw him use the force, Vidarr took his sword and ran it through the unconscious trooper.

           At the end of the side street, a speeder bay had multiple speeders parked. Thankfully they were unlocked and the group sped away. In desperation, they agreed it was time to get off the planet. Though he was not answered his comlink, the group decided to head towards the spaceport to find Fallo Dink.

           Arriving at the spaceport, they quickly made their way to dock C17. Seeing the Retreiver sitting there through the closed transparisteel doors, they noticed that the docking clamp was engaged but Fallo to be nowhere in sight. In trying to figure out what could have happened to Fallo, Vidarr began to read aloud a sign posted on the wall nearby. It read, “Will the owner of the ship registered as the Retriever please report to the Imperial Customs office.”


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Torthack Ja'han Alik 3 4 15  
Mando Roq - - 15  
Takeshi Yamato Takeshi Yamato 4 -1 15  
user1453 Fe Man - - 15  
Sodranis Vidarr Rimaaki 6 3 15  


Ja'han gained -1 to his existing obligation.
Gaz gained +1 to his existing obligation.




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