Star Wars: Across the Galaxy

Session 5

Tradition Be Damned


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

The hand of the Empire seems to be closing in around our adventurers. In what feels like an omen, the Imperial Star Destroyer, COMMANDMENT, has recently moved from low orbit and now casts an intimidating shadow over much of the capital city of THRONE.

The droid bounty hunter, BZ-55, has recently arrived on the planet. His investigation has led him to THRONE, where he has befriended a highly skilled Mon Cala engineer named Gumbrai. SIA DELLIAN has provided Gumbrai to go to an address in the residential area.

Narrowly escaping with grievous wounds from an Imperial raid, the group attempted to contact their trader friend Fallo Dink to no avail. Upon arriving at the Throne Spaceport, they find that Fallo’s ship has been impounded by the Empire along with a sign requesting the pilot’s presence at Imperial Customs. With nowhere else to go and no immediate plan, the group has fled to Ja’han’s safe house.

Ailing from the previous day and hoping to lay low, the adventurers have a brief moment of respite. As they heal their wounds and discuss their next course of action, Ja'han hears an Mon Cala voice on his comms stating that he is outside. Remembering that SIA DELLIAN had mentioned she had sent contacts over, he opened the door. The Mon Cal was accompanied by the droid, BZ-55, who had established a good relationship previous with Gumbrai after he mentioned how we could improve his older chassis. After allowing them inside, Gumbrai stated that they needed to meet up with SIA as there was an important event happening at the royal palace of House Zuud they needed to be present for.

As the group opens the door to leave, an Imperial officer is standing about to knock. Both parties are surprised but the officer, standing flanked by 2 stormtroopers, firmly asks for the owner of the apartment and to see credentials. Ja'han attempted to use the force to persuade the officer but cannot break the Imperial condition of the man. While the Kel'dor calmly began searching a drawer for something that could act as identification, the Mon Cal loudly shouted "FOR THE REBELLION!" and attacked the officer with a surprise blaster shot.

The two sides began a heated battle at extremely close-quarters. BZ-55 shot the ceiling with a slug thrower rifle shot as Da'Sash attempted to de-escalate the situation by deploying her electro-net to little effect. The resulting battle left the Imperials dead, the safe house comprimised, and a panicked group that decided to make their way to the palace grounds.

Upon arriving, SIA DELLIAN stood outside waiting and scorned them for being late. She led them through a side entrance and up to the second floor to a balcony spot overlooking the royal courtyard. As they entered the balcony space, Jato Zuud had just finished speaking and introduced his father and lead council member, Shakar Zuud,

Noticing those up on stage with them, the group realized they were now attendees to a major council meeting.  The House leaders were all in attendance; Ania Kikro of House Kikro, Tamien Yer of House Yer, Prince Xizor of House Sizhran, and Kaman Vetran of House Vetran. Accompanying Prince Xizor was not only the blond female advisor the group had seen before but also Governor Tobias Marr and his elite trooper guard. Behind the entirety of the council was a squad of stormtroopers fanned out and spanning the entirety of the stage.

Shakar's words were powerful. He discussed the boons of the Imperial occupation, drawing a sense of odd criticism from the crowd of nobles and minor houses. He continued speaking of how his people have been challenge before, are being challenge now, and will forever be challenged in the face of threats that are foreign to FALLEEN. The group saw Marr's face begin to scowl. As his speech took a turn towards the traditionalism the FALLEEN are known for, BZ-55 silently moved away from the group.

His assassination programming had been activated. Finding an empty spot hidden amongst a different balcony, he aimed a calculated shot and fired. The shot echoed throughout the room as the powerful slug thrower sent a shot firmly into the skull of the FALLEEN council leader. Shakar Zuud now laid lifeless upon the stage. SIA DELLIAN quickly led the group out, grabbing the droid as he walked back to the group, and leading them to a secret escape tunnel.

The group, left puzzled and confused that they would think they are responsible for this due to the association with BZ-55, followed SIA through the tunnel. Ja'han calmly persauded SIA to tell him what was really going on here and that he would move no further until she gave him any information.

SIA sighed heavily. Remembering that time is a factor, she then quickly explained that it was planned for him to be removed from office so that Jato Zuud would take over the house and possibly the council. Her face began to crack as tears formed in her eyes and she sadly muttered, "But not like this…"


Player Character Name Conflict Gained Morality +/- XP Earned Motivation Bonus
Torthack Ja'han Alik 5 0 15 5
Alex Kangaroo BZ-55 - - 15 5
Mando Gumbrai - - 15 5
Sodranis Da'Sash 6 4 15 5


Vidarr (Sodranis) gained +3 Debt obligation for taking out a loan.
Takeshi (Takeshi) healed 3 wounds and 3 strain.
BZ-55 gained +5 to its existing Obligation.
Gumbrai gained +3 to his existing Duty.


Steve_V Steve_V

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